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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Sandwiches

Banana Sandwich

There are two variations that our family eat. There are more ways to make a banana into a sandwich then the ways that we eat them in our home. Here are the two that we eat.
On one side of the bread spread a liberal amount of peanut butter. On the other half spread a small bit of butter on it. Peal the banana and then break it into halves. Slice in lengthwise and place the slices across the bread and then put the other slice buttered side inside. There you have it. Simple but delicious.
The other variation is just use butter on both sides.
Other variations could include sprinke cinnamon sugar on the peanut butter and then put the two side together wtih the banana in the middle.

Vidalia Onion Sandwich

 My mom used to love these vidalia onion sandwiches.  She would eat them many times during the summer.
She would just spread two slices of bread with mayonaise and put a large thick slice of raw vidalia onion in between and eat it just like that!
I can eat cooked onion but raw seems to give me an upset stomach.  I don't know how she could eat them like that.

Raw Ground Beef Sandwich

Most people will tell you that this is dangerous and can give one worms and all kinds of things. can tell you that my father ate these many, many times during his life and he never got anything from them.  He started eating them when he was a teen and now he is over 60 and still eats them!
All he did was take two slices of bread and put a handful of raw ground beef between them and add salt and pepper.
I wouldn't ry this but he says they were delicious and he has never gotten sick from eating them..

Tomato Sandwich

This is a very good sandwich to make from fresh tomatoes from your garden.  The best kinds of tomatoes are Beefsteak Tomatoes for this sandwich.
I take two slices of bread, spread them with Miracle Whip, put a thickly sliced tomato on it, add a bit of sugar and salt and pepper.  They are so good that I often have two of them.  You can add a slice of onion from your garden and some lettuce too, but I prefer it with just the tomato.

© Debra K. Allen a.k.a Lady Guinevere

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