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Friday, May 13, 2011

Eat Your Food

To eat or not to eat, is that a question we should be pondering?  The media is so confusing.  One side of the equations imparts in us that we can drink or take a pill that will magically give us our daily nutrients.  The other side stresses that eating food is good for us and that we should all be on some kind of diet.  Then there is yet another side where food is great and it brings friends, family and others together in the great social settings that people want and need.

My take on all this is to just eat and be watchful of how your body reacts to certain foods.  Not everyone and not everytime and every food or ingredient acts the same way to each individual.  It is important for us to get back the basics and really know your own body.  I know, some people have told me that they can’t do that because it would take much more time then they really have or want to learn these things about themselves.  Some of us have forgotten what we learned in biology or chemistry in high school.  I will try to shed some light on that to reacquaint you with some of these basic concepts.

Chemicals in foods react with other chemicals in food and start a chain reaction in the human body.  Those that are synthesized or made from other non-human substances do not do a body good.  It has been proven time and time again that they have nasty little side effects, while the natural approach does not.  One simply cannot get all their nutrients from a bottle or a pill.

The articles included here will be about everything from human biology, some chemistry, gardening (where it all starts for a better you), information on specific nutrients, spices, and other food substances to recipes and even some lore and legends about food.

Don’t just pick up a bottle of pills or drink some magical potion that is said to have all the nutrients that you are missing in it. 

Go ahead and Eat Your Food